Participation & Deliberation

The widespread use of the Internet, the constant development of social networks, the creative appropriation of Internet have permanently transformed the relationship between citizens and their representatives or contractors and their employees.

The ability to express, share or discuss current issues, politics, the future of our society or our business has expanded to the Internet and participation has become an essential component of the digital culture.

Today, it has become essential for institutions, public figures and companies to think, plan and integrate a participatory and deliberative approach to their activities.

Inventio, with the scientific support of the think-tank Participation and Citizenship (Particitiz –, offers “on-line” and “off-line” participatory and deliberative designs to institutions and business.

These different designs enable members of a panel to interact  and to formulate recommendations on given subject, to react to your propositions or to study public opinion evolution.

Our participative and deliberative solutions

icon Citizen panels


icon Online crowdsourcing


icon Online debates


icon Consensus conferences


icon World Cafe


icon Citizens Jury


icon Focus Group


icon Deliberative polls

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