You dream of a great and memorable happening? We will put it to music!

Inventio, as a Professional Event Organizer, assists you in the conceptualisation, the organisation, the implementation and the communication of your event. We create events with true relationships, lasting memories and we strengthen your organisation’s notoriety. We can organise your congress, seminar, concert, fashion show, exhibition, happening… For each event, we give you new ideas and advise you on the venue, the concept and the communication.

Inventio, as a communication agency, develops tailor-made communication strategies bringing you into the spotlight.

From print to digital solutions, we can produce your pamphlet or brochure, develop your graphic charter and promote your events through cutting edge websites and campaigns. Our communication skills will enhance your community building and your social network management.

Inventio, as a specialist of participatory and deliberative designs, offers “on-line” and “off-line” solutions, which enables your institution or business to associate your network to the decisional making process.

In collaboration with the think tank “Participation and Citizenship” (Particitiz), we develop and design participatory and deliberative methodologies and events. Our formats enable people to genuinely interact through collective intelligence tools engaging them to co-create new solutions and exploring unexpected opportunities. Energy flows and ideas grow! Explore new possibilities with your staff, members, clients or invitees in an energizing environment.


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Inventio Group was born from the will of its founders to inject creativity, innovation and passion into public conferences and events, but also to develop a real and beneficial communication between citizens and elected officials, contractors and employees. For many years in and around the EU institutions, both co-founders have organised larged events and worked on participatory and deliberative devices as well as political communication.

In 2014, they both left the EU institutions and founded Inventio Group.

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Dimitri Lemaire

Dimitri undertakes environmental management studies in Buenos Aires from 1996 to 2001. He finances his studies by giving English business courses and working part time for Miranda & Asociados, a law firm specializing in trademark registration and patents. Since 2002, he refocused his activities in Europe and gradually specializes in personnal coaching for high ranking civil servants, business men and politicians. In 2009 he becomes the personal parlemantery assistant of the Vice President of the European Parliament and is responsible, among other things, for the implementation of participatory mechanisms within the institution. Dimitri leaves the European institutions to found Inventio Group in 2014.


Bruno Valette

After studying engineering, Bruno became a partner of a consultancy bureau specializing in industrial cooperation between Europe, Asia and the ACP; he worked for several years at the Brussels headquarters of the company and in Africa. Thereafter, Bruno was called upon to manage the Belgian Presidency of the European Union, and to monitor international issues and general affairs on behalf of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Belgian federal government. Bruno then founded the company GreenEve, specializing in classical and participatory events; he lead the management units of the first two paneuropean deliberative polls ®. After five years working for the Directorate General of the Presidency of the European Parliament, Bruno co-founded Inventio Group.


Sylvia Gutiérrez
Creative Agent

Sylvie is a photographer and web designer from Costa Rica installed since 2005 in Barcelona. She graduated from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and the IDEP. Sylvia worked for two years as a web designer for Club Ecommerce and as a photographer for the Latin American agency Digital Photo Express. She founded in 2010 the brand “NiusNius” and in 2014 the collective of graphic art “collective tö”. Sylvia brings to Inventio her creativity and Web expertise.

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Stephen Boucher
Policy design

Stephen is currently researching the topic of creativity in politics, writing articles, a book and developing projects in this field. He was until recently and for the past 7 years ECF program director for EU climate policies, in Brussels. Before joining the European Climate Foundation, he co-managed for four years Notre Europe, a Paris-based think tank, which was founded by Jacques Delors. Stephen’s focus was on energy policy, deliberative democracy, and think tanks. He published several books and studies on these issues. Stephen was previously adviser on European and international affairs for the Belgian Deputy-Prime Minister and Minister for transport for three years. He taught Sciences Po Paris’ first ever course on lobbying in Europe for two consecutive years and worked for five years as public affairs consultant in Brussels and London.


Some examples of projects carried out by the co-founders and Inventio.

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